RSS - BCS: Latest Video Debates
  • Following the launch of BCS's Digital Literacy for Life Programme, a panel of industry experts met to discuss the importance of digital literacy. The event was part of a series of activities aimed at furthering and informing the debate on the subject.
  • On 23 May Professor Barbara Liskov, MIT - CSAIL, gave the 2013 BCS Karen Sparck Jones Lecture at the Institute's London offices. The topic of her presentation was 'The Power of Abstraction'. The lecture was followed by an interesting question and answer session that is also included here.
  • Anders Ivarsson - Scaling Agile - LLKD13 .
    Anders Ivarsson keynote presentation at the London Lean Kanban Day (LLKD13) on Scaling Agile at Spotify.
  • Jon Crowcroft
    The Internet of Things (IoT) entails connecting physical objects to cyberspace. In this talk, Professor Jon Crowcroft discusses the challenges of trying to 'bootstrap the IoT.'
  • Dr Sam De Silva
    Dr Sam De Silva looks at the security risks associated with outsourcing, how the outsourcing contract between the customer and service provider can be used to manage these risks, and discusses structuring and drafting the security requirements appropriately.
  • David J Anderson
    David J Anderson providing the keynote presentation at the London Lean Kanban Day (LLKD13) on Deep Kanban.
  • With such significant technology-based change in prospect, BCS has a role in promoting public debate and expressing a professional view to government on policy relating to the Internet of Things.
  • Delivering benefits from BI dashboards - Panel debate
    A video of the panel debate session which followed presentations by Martin Douglas, Cranfield University, Andrew Evans, Enterprise Asset Management Solutions Group and Derek Murphy, National Grid.