CITP Assessment criteria: Breadth of knowledge

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Applicants for CITP status are required to demonstrate a broad range of knowledge, not just within their own specialism, but across IT as a whole.

We expect successful CITP applicants to have built up this broad awareness of the topics covered in the test during their career, and therefore do not expect candidates to spend time ‘revising’. However, we do suggest you review the syllabus before taking the test. Once you have submitted your initial application, you will also get access to a mock test, which will also help you identify any areas you may need to brush up on.

The test comprises 75 multiple choice questions which cover a broad range of topics. Candidates will be required to achieve a pass mark in each of the 5 sections, as well as on the paper as a whole. The section pass mark is 8 out of 15, and the overall pass mark is 50.

Where will I take the test?

You will take the test at a Pearson Vue test centre; these are located on over 4,000 sites - all around the UK and in 160 other countries.

Sample test

To give you an idea of what to expect, we have compiled a short interactive test below, consisting of 5 multiple choice questions. The results of this test are for your benefit only, and will not be retained by BCS.

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