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  • Penguins
    Kate Craig-Wood MBCS, External Communications Officer at BCS’s Data Centre Specialist Group has been running all the business systems of her company over the internet (including instant messaging, email, document management, project management and collaboration) with open source software.
  • Google Chromebook
    Google, the company that needs no introduction, is spreading its area of influence. The search giant now offers many different services from docs to apps for its Chrome browser. In fact the list is now even longer with the addition of its Chrome OS and Chromebooks. Henry Tucker MBCS investigates.
  • iPad2
    When the iPad launched in 2010, it became a must-have consumer item. The versatility of the iPad was its main strength, providing users with the ability to conduct a wide range of simple tasks wherever they are.
  • Pen on tablet PC
    While there is no doubt about the impact that tablet devices have had on consumer audiences, will they stand the test of time as business tools as well? Petter Ericson, Chief Science Officer, Anoto AB investigates.
  • Measuring cloud success
    The response time at which services are delivered to an end user is one of the most important considerations for your business says David Flower, VP EMEA Gomez. He looks at service level agreements and the principles on how to measure performance in the cloud.
  • Kinect
    Tom McEwan CEng FBCS CITP from Edinburgh Napier University and Chair of the BCS Interaction SG takes a look at the new Microsoft Kinect and what it means for computer interaction.
  • Knee reflex test
    The risk of software audits looms large for most enterprises. Patrick Gunn, Flexera Software, weighs up the pros and cons of event-based software licence compliance against continuous compliance.
  • Cloud software
    Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is more than just a cloud-based delivery model. It is a service approach that IT organisations are considering for meeting their IT service management needs. Paul Avenant, BMC Software, considers the implications for moving to a SaaS delivery model for IT service management.
  • With software licences and maintenance consuming almost one third of overall IT budgets, software is a key company asset, and not actively managing its usage diminishes its value to the business. Patrick Gunn, Flexera Software, discusses the top 10 software licensing mistakes enterprises make and explains how to work around them.
  • Video Camera
    Desktop video conferencing has always been a case of two halves. For every benefit to intra-company communication, there seems to be a technical limitation threatening the stability of the network. With this fact firmly in mind Ben Burns, Solutions Lead, EMEA at MASERGY, examines the benefits of SVC-Optimised QoS.