Policy & Public Affairs Board

Chair: Rebecca George OBE FBCS CITP

This Board oversees the fulfilment of the BCS mission in areas of externally-facing policy affecting the profession and wider society. Members of the Board are all members of the Institute and bring many years of experience from wide ranging backgrounds. 

The Board is responsible for regulating and issuing guidance on public affairs activity by Members and staff on behalf of BCS, but not for general policies, rules and regulations governing the activities of BCS and its Members. 

The Board will identify individuals and groups with expertise of relevance to policy to form Communities of Expertise around specific topics. The Board will also commission working groups to formulate policies and BCS statements and responses from time to time.

To carry out its responsibilities the Board works alongside other BCS Boards especially Membership Board and Professionalism Board.

Contact us

Karen Tuck
Head of Policy and Public Affairs
Email: karen.tuck@hq.bcs.org.uk