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  • Doctors viewing MRI scans
    Following on from the coalition’s recent white paper on health ‘Equity and Excellence’ there will be a widespread consultation on the development of a new information strategy for health and social care.
  • Compass
    The coalition government published its white paper ‘Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS’ in July this year.
  • Doctor typing on a laptop keyboard
    Although the internet has only been around for a relatively short period of time, its influence on both clinicians and patients alike is growing rapidly.
  • Nurse
    Nursing has not been uppermost in country-specific informatics development, but at this year’s International Medical Informatics Association Nursing Informatics (IMIA NI) General Assembly, there were sincere individuals with positive ideas, individuals who are committed to advancing informatics in nursing worldwide.
  • Magnifying glass
    It is a long-lamented fact that UK healthcare abounds with evidence of good and bad practice in health informatics that is never reported beyond its immediate project context. UK health informatics largely remains a field without a memory.