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  • Person Tying Running Shoes
    Are health wearables fit-for-purpose? Gareth Baxendale FBCS CITP, Head of Technology for the NIHR Clinical Research Network, Vice Chair of the BCS Health Executive and an editor of the Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics, investigates.
  • Surgical Light
    BCS Multimedia Editor, Justin Richards, reports on the highlights from this year’s UK e-Health week, specifically from his time spent at the partly BCS-sponsored HC2016.
  • Human And Computer Hands
    The second in a series of four articles on the implications of the convergence of computing, biogenetics and cognitive neuroscience by Charles Ross and Max Jamilly looks at communication between the brain and computers and how this can expand human abilities.
  • Melon
    The drive to exploit the cloud for patient benefit and to reduce the burden on the NHS is ever growing. Gareth Baxendale FBCS CITP and James Mucklow FBCS CITP take a look…
  • Brain Signals
    Charles Ross and Max Jamilly look at how computers can help us extend our individual powers of learning and understanding and move us towards prosthetic brains.