Education and training providers

People in a classroom environment

Whether your learners are IT practitioners looking to further their careers, or those logging on to a computer for the first time, our range of IT qualifications and certifications offers learning for everyone.

  • IT training organisations
    Build a portfolio of industry relevant IT certifications that spans the breadth of IT and appeals to practitioners at every stage of their career.
  • Schools
    We develop qualifications that enhance skills and are engaging for your students. Many of our qualifications attract performance points and come complete with e-learning options, lesson plans and automated test solutions.
  • Adult and further education
    Our qualifications are fully fundable and we partner with government, education and business to remain at the forefront of innovation in learning delivery and assessment.
  • Higher education
    Our Higher Education Qualifications (HEQ) are developed in consultation with employers and offer an alternative route to an IT honours degree.