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iTunes U provides access to more than 200,000 educational audio and video lectures, language lessons, audiobooks and podcasts - all available free from the iTunes Store.

With BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT on iTunes U you now have access to collections of material, including academic papers, interviews, lectures, video debates, articles, reports and podcasts relating to computing and IT.

Also available:

Starting from Scratch imageStarting from Scratch
This course aims to introduce students to computing science and enable them to develop both programming skills and understanding of core computing concepts, including computational thinking.

Itching for more imageItching for more
This second course in the series aims to consolidate students’ understanding of computing science concepts, focussing on abstraction and modularity using the BYOB programming environment. 

'I love my smartphone' 'I love my smartphone' course
This mobile app development course seeks to provide an experience of computing science that will engage with learners in a way that is more relevant to their own digital lives.

These collections include:  

  • Information pioneers imageInformation pioneers
    A collection of interviews and films that offer a fascinating insight into the lives of very different people who have helped to shape the information society we live in today. This collection demonstrates how information empowers people, and encourages you to use IT as a tool to innovate, just like these pioneers did.
  • Digital arts imageDigital arts
    Digital or computer art has influenced and transformed traditional art forms such as painting, drawing, music and the performing arts. Broadening the field to include new art forms such as digital installations, virtual reality or net art, this collection combines research into this varied and interesting field with discussions of current computer artwork.
  • IT in the creative industry imageIT in the creative industry
    The creative industries, whether film, games or music, are no longer separable from IT. Learn how digital technology has contributed and developed to these disciplines in interviews with film directors and producers, musicians and those involved in the games industry, and explore the latest research in this diverse and dynamic field.
  • Cyber warfare imageCyber warfare
    In today's globally connected world, issues of national security have broadened from our physical borders to encompass cyber space. Find out how experts evaluate the increasing threat of cyber warfare and what countermeasure they propose.
  • Entrepreneurs imageEntrepreneurs
    Enterprise and innovation are key to driving economic growth and tackle the challenges of tomorrow's business world, with technology playing a vital part. Learn more about the ideas and visions of those who use technology to drive innovation and enable change. 
  • Computer education imageComputing education
    With fewer students choosing computer science or technology-related subjects at university, how can pupils be encouraged to consider computer science and IT as a career choice? The material in this collection offers suggestions and reflections on the subject, as well as presentations on 'IT's coolest jobs'.
  • iTunes UElectronic Visualisation and the Arts
    The Electronic Information, the Visual Arts and Beyond (EVA Conferences) are a series of international interdisciplinary conferences mainly in Europe, but also elsewhere in the world, for people interested in the application of information technology to the cultural and especially the visual arts field.
  • LightbulbInnovation in IT
    Inventors in IT talk to BCS about innovations and demonstrate future technology, including: a multi-touch table, a universal information framework; a brain wave reading headset; and nanotechnology coating as a water repellent.
  • EVA 2012
    EVA 2012 imageElectronic Visualisation and the Arts London 2012 (EVA London 2012) is one of London’s most innovative and interdisciplinary conferences in the field of digital visualisation. Covering the latest research by established scholars, early career researchers and students, the conference papers touch on museum studies, digital performance, augmented reality, simulation, 3D scanning, digital archaeology and many others areas of digital art.
  • HCI 2011 imageHCI 2011; Health, Wealth and Happiness
    Human computer interaction is a key area of computing. The BCS Conference on Human Computer Interaction is the leading conference in the field in the UK. It covers the design, evaluation and application of techniques and approaches for interacting with devices and services. For its 25th conference, papers reflect on the theme of Health, Wealth and Happiness
  • Person climbing a ladderCareers in IT
    Information technology covers a large and varied field, so what options are there when considering a career in the area? This collection includes interviews, case studies and articles that give an insight into different roles in the industry.

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