KikStart for iPad

Person using an iPadMaking you productive today

iPad is one of those technologies which is changing the way we work, learn and have fun. KikStart enables users to unlock the value of their iPad.

An interactive tutorial-based app, KikStart will:

  • Increase your confidence as an iPad user
  • Help you quickly pick up tips and tricks
  • Improve the return on investment of your workplace iPad deployment
  • Reward your new skills with a certificate


Available on the App Store

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‘I've used a number of how-to iPad apps and books and this is definitely one of the best around.’ Patrick Jordan, iPad Insight (full review)

‘The app goes over the basics pretty thoroughly. If you are new to the iPad, it is definitely worth the price.’ Lory, PadGadget (full review)

‘Technology can encourage, empower and engage staff and pupils alike. Using KikStart means we can get them all to the same starting point. Patrick McGrath, Managing Partner, iTeach (KikStart reseller)

‘We needed a simple and easy training package to enable staff to develop their skills in the core functionality and applications of the iPad. We downloaded the Kikstart app to over 330 devices as part of our school 1:1 Mobile Learning Scheme. The ease of use, test facility and certificate at the end made this product a clear winner. The training is simply laid out, visually easy to follow and has short videos embedded where required.

I would recommend considering this product if you need to give employees the opportunity to become skilled through their own directed learning. KikStart is more than just simply an e-book of tips and tricks, instead it is a well-designed educational tool to take users to a competent level of understanding quickly and at their own pace.’
Scott Landry, Director of Academic ICT, Millfield School

Other testimonials:

‘I've been using an iPad for two years and the App taught me tips and tricks that are really useful.’

‘I've been using an iPad for over a year to surf the web. In 5 minutes I've learned some new functionality on the keyboard.’

‘I highly recommend this App to anyone who is currently using an iPad or those of you who are thinking of buying one.’