RSS - BCS: Latest video interviews
  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown, IBM Senior Inventor, gets Brian Runciman MBCS to drive a car with his brain and trains him to run a brain wave reading headset.
  • Helen Bowyer, IBM
    Helen Bowyer, IBM Emerging Technologies Manager explains and demonstrates the ‘Say it, Sign it’ project which uses an avatar to translate spoken English into sign language.
  • Bharat Bedi
    Bharat Bedi, IBM Master Inventor, talks about the ‘Living Safe’ project run in Balzano, Italy to help older residents who live by themselves.
  • Helen Bowyer, IBM
    IBM inventors and members of the Emerging Technologies team talk to BCS about innovations and future technology.
  • Steve Whatson
    The Met Police's director of IT, Steve Whatson, explains how the force has prepared its IT infrastructure for this summer's games.
  • Genevieve Bell
    Intel's in-house anthropologist Genevieve Bell spoke to Henry Tucker about her work with the chip manufacturer, ubiquitous computing, social media, transparency and more.
  • Alison Hutchinson, CEO of Pennies
    Pennies is a charity through which people can donate small amounts to charity when shopping. The CEO, Alison Hutchinson, talks about what Pennies has done so far and what its future holds.
  • Nicola Cooper video thumbnail
    Winner of the young professional of the year at the 2011 UK IT Industry Awards, Nicola Cooper, talks about why she chose a career in IT, why she doesn't believe there is a glass ceiling for women in IT and why there still needs to be more role models for women in IT.