RSS - BCS: Latest video interviews
  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown, IBM Senior Inventor, gets Brian Runciman MBCS to drive a car with his brain and trains him to run a brain wave reading headset.
  • Helen Bowyer, IBM
    Helen Bowyer, IBM Emerging Technologies Manager explains and demonstrates the ‘Say it, Sign it’ project which uses an avatar to translate spoken English into sign language.
  • Bharat Bedi
    Bharat Bedi, IBM Master Inventor, talks about the ‘Living Safe’ project run in Balzano, Italy to help older residents who live by themselves.
  • Helen Bowyer, IBM
    IBM inventors and members of the Emerging Technologies team talk to BCS about innovations and future technology.
  • Steve Whatson
    The Met Police's director of IT, Steve Whatson, explains how the force has prepared its IT infrastructure for this summer's games.
  • Genevieve Bell
    Intel's in-house anthropologist Genevieve Bell spoke to Henry Tucker about her work with the chip manufacturer, ubiquitous computing, social media, transparency and more.
  • Alison Hutchinson, CEO of Pennies
    Pennies is a charity through which people can donate small amounts to charity when shopping. The CEO, Alison Hutchinson, talks about what Pennies has done so far and what its future holds.
  • Paul Woolman video thumbnail
    Paul Woolman, Chair of the BCS Health Scotland Group, recently spoke to Justin Richards about the BCS Health Scotland Conference he helps to organise, the state of health informatics today and the three biggest challenges health informaticians currently face.