Pinpoint the skills you need for growth

You probably know which skills you have in your team, but what about the ones you don't. We’ll help you identify - and source - the skills you need to improve performance.

Deploying our industry skills, training and development framework (SFIAplus) will help you to define the roles you need within IT and the skills needed to fulfil them. Combined with our development tools you’ll have everything you need to plan for growth.

'The framework enables our people to identify the skills and capabilities that would be required for any future role.'
Daryl Beck, Director of IT Academy, Unilever

Unilever case study

Skills framework

Unilever use our skills framework (SFIAplus) to create development frameworks for their IT teams.
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‘These are challenging times for business and individuals, so it’s more important than ever that we keep our team’s skills updated.’
Keith Lucas, Divisional Director ICT, Foster Wheeler

Foster Wheeler case study

Chartered status

Foster Wheeler advocates membership of BCS and Chartered status for its IT professionals.
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