How to enrol and study

To enrol and study for one of our qualifications you will need to follow the steps below.

Step one
Identify the qualification level you want to study.
Step two
Register with an approved centre: studying with an approved centre will deliver significant benefits and is strongly recommended. Students may also opt to self-study, please visit our Student resources section.
Step three
You must be a member to sit and be awarded the qualifications. You may apply for a four year student membership that will support you throughout your studies. Apply here today for student membership
Step four
Complete your studies and apply within the registration period to sit your exams.

Studying BCS qualifications in the UK

If you wish to study a BCS qualification in the UK and you are not from a member state of the EU you will need to obtain a visa to enter the UK. You first need to register with a BCS approved centre in the UK that is also a UK government approved sponsor; the approved centre will then be your sponsor for coming to the UK and will assist you through the visa application process. More information on visas and sponsors