Professional Registration for IT Technicians: RITTech

Professional Registration for IT Technicians launched in November 2015 and is a new standard designed to recognise the talents of IT Technicians.

IT technicians design, build and maintain the IT world around us. Yet until now there has been no accreditation or standard that is ‘fit for purpose’ - the BCS Professional Register for IT Technicians, RITTech, is changing this. Now technicians can get the recognition they deserve for the invaluable work they do.

Whether applicants are relatively new to the industry, or have been a practitioner for years, the register offers them the opportunity to record what they're good at, evidence current competence, and show employers and peers the difference they can make.

Joining is simple, low-cost and speedy, with a straightforward online application process that helps technicians to identify the contribution they make. RITTech will become a diverse community for technicians and will provide an invaluable tool for users (whether employers, recruiters or other technicians) to source talent, make better employment decisions and demonstrate commitment to professional standards of quality.

This is an exciting time to become part of RITTech, whether an individual or a company, as you’ll be raising the awareness of technicians throughout IT and helping to build the importance of professionalism within the IT sector.

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