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Professional Registration for your IT technicians is a great way to recognise the complex technical work that these people perform on a daily basis. It also introduces professionalism and a commitment to their career in IT from a fairly early stage and illuminates a pathway from entering a career in the digital world to gaining Chartered IT status.

RITTech covers technicians who have achieved competence in the role they do (which we assess against SFIA level 3) and it gives them the opportunity to gain independent recognition from a professional body. The online assessment process covers role families across 18 areas. This is a broad spectrum that covers most digital and technical roles and will evolve as the industry itself evolves.

Furthermore, RITTech greatly benefits employers and recruiters by identifying technicians with the right skills and relevant, professional experience.

All registered technicians have the opportunity to be listed on the public register, making it possible for recruiters to search and check potential candidates who display the post-nominals - RITTech.

Benefits to your business

RITTech is the first professional standard for IT professionals across a wide range of roles and is part of a wider technician programme being run by Gatsby Charitable Foundation that recognises technicians in science, engineering and now IT.

There are many benefits to registering your people:

  • It will demonstrate best practice and a commitment to quality.
  • Show clients and partners your commitment to the highest standards of professional practice.
  • You can offer RITTech registration as part of your recruitment package.
  • Existing staff can register their current competence and will benefit from the enhanced status of their profession.
  • You’ll also be encouraging the widespread adoption of RITTech as a national standard.
  • This will help your HR department to quickly and accurately identify the skillsets of candidates for employment.
  • It provides a tool to benchmark your staff against a minimum standard and encourage CPD to maintain their skillset.

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Richard Thorne, Gower College Swansea
Gower College Swansea“The RITTech accreditation suitably reflects and recognises the professionalism and commitment that my team demonstrates in offering Gower College Swansea’s staff and students the best possible IT experience. I’m proud to say that ours was the first team in any college to gain this new professional accreditation - one which my team are justly proud to display.” 
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