ELITE Papers

Listed below are papers relating to the ELITE group.

Gardeners not mechanics

June 2016
Gary Lloyd MBCS CITP reports on why change needs gardeners not mechanics to deliver usable value, following recent research with BCS ELITE members. The full report on Gary's research is listed below under "Organisational Change Survey".

Musings on IT strategy

May 2016
Steve Burrows and Jon G. Hall, Chair and Immediate Past Chair of BCS Effective Leadership in IT Group (ELITE), discuss if IT strategy is more about problem solving than about the adoption of new technologies.

Organisational Change Survey

January 2016
Towards the end of 2015, ELITE members were asked to contribute to a survey, compiled by Gary Lloyd, an ELITE member, of the success or otherwise of organisational change initiatives. The results of that survey can now be downloaded from the following link on the ELITE website. It summarise, 159 responses, 110 of those from ELITE members.

PDF Icon Organisational Change Survey

Two speed IT

August 2015
Steve Burrows, vice-Chair ELITE, compares and contrasts the impacts of two popular project management methods, namely Waterfall and Agile, on business evolution and IT leadership.

Women digital leaders

July 2015
ELITE committee member Jacqui Hogan MBCS deliberates on the current lack of female leadership within the information technology industry.

The cost of privacy

March 2014
Rick Chandler of the BCS ELITE committee asks whether the internet needs a new economic model.


September 2012
This article arises from the discussion on the BCS Elite group on LinkedIn ‘Just how responsible is IT for the financial troubles the world finds itself in?’ Jon Hall, Chair of BCS ELITE.

Business mentoring - does it add value to innovation?

May 2011
Steve Burrows of the ELITE Committee.

Budgets: the art of spending well

May 2005
Be sure your investment strategy has a clear client focus said Ben Booth, Chair of ELITE.


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