BCS 60th Anniversary

60th anniversary

Founded in 1957, BCS is celebrating 60 years of making IT good for society. To mark the event, we've been exploring BCS's archives. ITNOW, the BCS members' magazine, formerly known as The Computer Bulletin, has been running for as long as the Institute itself.

Each issue captures a very precise moment in computing’s social, technical and cultural history. On these pages we’ll share some of the golden finds from our archives. We’ll also run blogs and features from BCS members and from other experts about computing’s past, its present and its future. It’s time to warm up the valves and get your punched cards ready.

IT memorabilia in Windsor
Fowler's calculatorBCS is holding a series of events up and down the country to celebrate its 60 Year Anniversary. Part of the first event in Windsor saw BCS members bringing in some IT-related artefacts as talking points for members to chat about and to bond over. BCS Multimedia Editor Justin Richards was at hand to talk to some of these members about their nostalgia-inducing memorabilia, and here’s some of what he encountered. 
Part One
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Classic computing adverts


HCI '87 ad (1980s)


SE ad (1970s)


Honeywell ad (1960s)


Power SAMAS ad (1950s)

To celebrate 60 years of BCS we also want to look forward, we want to collate all the good ideas we know are out in the world to improve computing. Share your computing ideas for a better society now