Computing ideas for a better society

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Technologists built yesterday, creatives are building today, let's all build tomorrow.

Sure, the past is great; it's interesting and we can learn from it. But to really celebrate 60 years of BCS, we want to look forward… we want to collate all the good ideas we know are out in the world to improve computing - not for its own sake, but for society. For you, for us.

You have a unique view, and we want to hear it - and we want to publish it. Over the next year we will be populating special pages in this section on the BCS's 60th anniversary events - and in 2018 will publish a special coffee table book looking at the past, present and future impacts of computing. We will then use the best ideas in it.

What do we want to see? It's your call, but it could be...

  • A utopian vision: push the boat out and dream big!
  • A practical suggestion: what annoys you right now, and what could we do about it?
  • A re-imagining: what do we take for granted that we could rip up and start again?

You can send your ideas - small or large - to us via any means you like: email, our Facebook page, Twitter or through this form

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