Student articles

  • Graduate interview
    The demand for capable IT graduates still remains, even during the current economic crisis. Dan Hawes, from GRB UK, discusses the issues recruitment agencies are facing trying to match their graduate clients to the jobs available.
  • Sleep button
    When people talk about PC power management they are normally referring to the built-in Windows power scheme settings, which are supposed to save power by putting the PC to sleep when it has been idle for a period of time. However, these power management schemes are not always particularly helpful or green as Mark Blackburn explains.
  • Younger Brits are using email to avoid stressful verbal conversations, according to research by free email service GMX. Many are also careful to create their own email image, which has led GMX to conclude that email has made a cultural impact on how younger people present themselves and communicate.
  • It seems that the public would rather vote to choose between a tap-dancing nun and whoever makes Cheryl Cole cry on 'X-Factor' than in national elections, and there has been a corresponding decline in voter turnout in organisational elections.
  • Since the introduction of the new 14-19 diploma in IT in September 2008 it has been surrounded by extensive media coverage. Despite this there is still some confusion in the industry about who the qualification is aimed at. Dave Evans, from Edexcel discusses why he thinks it is a qualification not to be missed.
  • Software engineering is considered to be a broad area of study, which continues to develop further. It isn't only about programming a simple piece of software with a nice GUI and built-in functionality, but it is also about having a clear and definitive idea of what the end user wants from the software - what they want it to do and whether this solution can be ideal for the future.
  • While the interview still remains the most popular method of selecting the right applicant for a job, an increasing number of employers are turning to supplementary methods to make sure that their hiring decision is the correct one.
  • For many of us, the beginning of a new year is a time for re-evaluation - which is why finding a new job will be the number one New Years' resolution on many people's lists for 2009.
  • The opening minutes of an interview often set the tone for the whole meeting. It may not be very scientific but human nature dictates that intuition still plays an important part in interviews; first impressions are consequently very important.
  • The CV is probably one of the most important documents you will ever write, after your Will. It's your passport to that elusive first interview.