BCS has carried out many interviews with key figures from the IT industry.

  • Mark James
    Key delegates and exhibitors at Infosecurity 2016 talk to BCS about the changing threat landscape and the important work they are carrying out within their organisations to keep the cyber criminals at bay.
  • Kevin Streater
    Kevin Streater, Chair of BCS Learning and Development Specialist Group and Director of Global Training at ForgeRock answers some questions on IT Capability.
  • Tom Harwood
    Aeriandi host PCI compliance solutions for call centres. Justin Richards MBCS talks to Tom Harwood about hybrid cloud, cloud security, his thoughts on entrepreneurial success, the current state of IT education in schools, and how technology advancements have helped businesses transact securely.
  • Enrico Coiera
    BCS recently held an event at The King's Fund, London to discuss ‘digital health’ ambitions - What works and what doesn’t? How do we deliver value for money? What actually improves patient, citizen and organisational outcomes?
  • Andrew Dymond
    Justin Richards MBCS talks to Andrew Dymond from Filmcell International & Ben Alpi from Runic Films, based in Los Angeles, about visual effects and the way that technology is shaping the film industry.
  • Doug Rich
    Justin Richards MBCS talks to Doug Rich, VP of EMEA, Tintri, about the new innovations his company have brought to the data management field, significant developments in virtualisation, developments in data management and storage, and the world of cloud / hybrid cloud.
  • George Burgess
    Justin Richards MBCS talks to George Burgess, Founder and VP of Gojimo about Start-ups, Entrepreneurship, IT education and what can be done to encourage the next generation, as well as some general questions about the industry and where it's heading.
  • Robert Shukai
    Justin Richards MBCS talks to Robert Schukai ahead of the 2016 Turing Lecture about the theme he plans to explore in his talk, recent work he has been involved with and his thoughts on the latest industry issues and developments.
  • Dr Robina Chatham
    Robina shares some of the dos and don'ts of good leadership, talks about the difference between male and female managers, and reveals her number one tip for anyone taking their first step into management.
  • Roman Chernyshev
    Grant Powell talks to Roman Chernyshev, VP Healthcare & Life Sciences at DataArt EU about the development of the KidPro app, aimed at children undergoing clinical trials. Roman also offers his thoughts on the IT industry and future developments he'd like to see in IT related to healthcare.