BCS has carried out many interviews with key figures from the IT industry.

  • Professor Ross Anderson
    Brian Runciman MBCS talks to Professor Ross Anderson, winner of the 2015 Lovelace medal, about IT security and the various aspects of his ever-evolving career.
  • Geraldine Osman
    Grant Powell talks to Geraldine Osman, VP International Marketing, Connected Data about the recently released 'Transporter for Business', implications around big data, security considerations, and her thoughts on encouraging more women into IT and tech roles.
  • Matt Service
    Grant Powell talks to Matt Service, Director of Digital Strategy at Blue Lights Digital about the challenges of running a digital investigations agency, the impact of emerging technologies on his work and his thoughts and predictions around future developments within the industry.
  • David Ulevitch
    Justin Richards MBCS talks to David Ulevitch about the changing IT security landscape, the challenges he faces, his thoughts on BYOD, remote working and new technologies, as well as current issues such as identity theft.
  • Paul Barry
    Grant Powell talks to Paul Barry, Executive Chairman, Everylife Technologies about the solutions he has developed to aid the homecare health provision, the impact of cloud services and new technologies, the challenges he faces and the direct impact to patients and families as a result of his work.
  • Rupert Ward
    Rupert Ward, Head of Informatics at the University of Huddersfield talks to Justin Richards MBCS about the importance of BCS accreditation.
  • Kurt Roosen
    Brian Runciman MBCS talks to Kurt Roosen, Chair of BCS Council about the importance of Council, it's activities and how to get involved.
  • John A Zachman
    Lorne Mitchell, Co-Chair of the BCS Enterprise and Architecture Specialist Group interviews and hosts a Q&A session with John A Zachman originator of the Framework for Enterprise Architecture.
  • Tom Needs
    Justin Richards MBCS talks to Tom Needs, Chief Operating Officer at Adapt, about his career history, his current role in Service Management and what makes a great customer experience.
  • Louise Bennett
    Brian Runciman talks to Louise Bennett, Chair of the BCS Security Community of Expertise, about the EuroDig event, the IoT, security standards, and the UK Internet Governance Forum.