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  • Learning from the unexpected

    Chris Yapp22nd Sep 2016

    One of Peter Drucker’s important insights into the barriers and opportunities for innovation was to look for the unexpected, be it good or bad. As humans we have a strong tendency to ignore or reject evidence that jars with or contradicts our world view. [Read more]

  • Guest post: On what cannot be automated...

    30th Aug 2016

    Chris Yapp introduces guest blogger Hannah Rudman FBCS @hannahrudman, a Digital Transformation expert, who discusses the tension between the digital and the human - dystopias and utopias and the impacts on our inner lives and society. [Read more]

  • Artificial Social Intelligence

    Chris Yapp10th Aug 2016

    Computers can play a dominant game of chess, drive cars and even write a ropey film script. AI’s future isn’t however guaranteed as what works in one culture may not translate well to another. [Read more]

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