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  • Remembering Heinz Wolff

    Chris Yapp20th Dec 2017

    Chris Yapp remembers the ever excitable and inspirational scientist and raconteur, Professor Heinz Wolff. [Read more]

  • Look out, the Martians are coming...

    Chris Yapp28th Nov 2017

    The curious incident last week of a ‘panic’ over alleged shots being fired in Oxford Street, that never happened, has an interesting historical precedent. There has been a lot of concern expressed that social media is to blame, and some particular celebrities with large numbers of followers are alleged to have stoked the panic by, in effect, validating ‘fake news’. [Read more]

  • GDPR and Danish sperm

    Chris Yapp21st Nov 2017

    It will take something quite remarkable to take Brexit from the top domestic headlines of 2018. I’ve recently returned from a two-week holiday which included a digital detox. Looking at the work-related emails, two topics dominated: Brexit and GDPR (around 40% each with overlap). [Read more]

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