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  • Artificial Social Intelligence

    Chris Yapp10th Aug 2016

    Computers can play a dominant game of chess, drive cars and even write a ropey film script. AI’s future isn’t however guaranteed as what works in one culture may not translate well to another. [Read more]

  • IT and Brexit: the government systems challenge

    Chris Yapp5th Jul 2016

    We know the result but the next steps are, so far, unclear. However, given the UK’s skill shortages in digital skills, it is worth looking at the implications for government IT systems. We know from past practise and ongoing projects such as Universal Credit that political timescales and project/programme timetables are rarely aligned. [Read more]

  • The digital world’s limits

    Chris Yapp20th Jun 2016

    The world is changing. Yesterday we had vinyl records, paperback books and we shopped on the high street. Today people enjoy ebooks, MP3s and they shop online. Despite its growth, digital may struggle to completely replace physical experiences. [Read more]

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