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  • Tech Bubbles and Reputational Risk

    Chris Yapp23rd Mar 2017

    Chris Yapp wonders whether recent problems in the tech industry could be seismic foreshocks presaging a coming quake in global technology stock prices. [Read more]

  • The Communications Paradox

    Chris Yapp6th Feb 2017

    ‘We have a communication problem’ - it’s a lament I’ve heard constantly throughout my career. [Read more]

  • All models are wrong... but some are useful

    Chris Yapp6th Jan 2017

    Welcome to 2017. 2016 was an interesting year, wasn’t it? The consequences of last year’s decisions on Brexit/Trump may well dominate 2017 and the impact on the IT industry of a retreat from globalisation is an area of much uncertainty. [Read more]

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