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  • Broadband mania; do we need some Victorian infrastructure madness?

    David Evans20th May 2016

    The announcement in the Queen’s speech that we will see a bill with a new obligation for a minimum 10Mbps service for everyone sounds good. The details will need to emerge, but a great many BCS members who live beyond big cities will welcome this; ask any such group of members about this topic and prepare for a lengthy rant! [Read more]

  • Save my life, but not without consent

    David Evans4th May 2016

    David Evans looks at the excruciating dilemma in a broken data system. [Read more]

  • An open letter to the House of Commons Science and Technology committee

    David Evans25th Feb 2016

    I am writing to you on behalf of the BCS, the Chartered Institute of IT, with regard to the Science and Technology Committee’s report ‘The Big Data Dilemma’. I would like to meet in person with you to share our ideas for bringing to life the Committee’s recommendations and I was particularly interested in the idea of a ‘Council of Data Ethics’. [Read more]

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