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  • Street project management

    David Evans3rd Jun 2014

    I once was called a street project manager. It was by my boss at the time, in answer to my question as to why I had been given a particular project rather than someone in the team who had far more experience. [Read more]

  • Bring Your Own Google Glass If You Dare (BYOGGIYD)

    David Evans27th Jan 2014

    2014 will be (the/yet another[delete where applicable]) year of moronic tech predictions…including this one: This year will be about wearable tech! Awesome! [Read more]

  • DRM in HTML5? Meh

    David Evans14th Oct 2013

    ‘The Director’, a.k.a. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Distinguished Fellow of this august institution is coming under a bit of flak for having crossed the Rubicon. He’s said ‘yes’ to including playback of protected content in the HTML charter. Gosh. How exciting. [Read more]

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