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  • Servants of the people with our website history

    David Evans17th Nov 2015

    BCS has never been against digital surveillance - even on a population-scale - as a matter of principle. This is an area that often puts us at odds with the tech zeitgeist, which tends to be a bit more on the liberal side of the spectrum. [Read more]

  • Tin-foil wallet and creepy phone hacking in Parliament

    David Evans3rd Nov 2015

    There is a lot going on around personal data at the moment, everything from Edward Snowden to TalkTalk to Safe Harbour to China’s implementation of Orwell’s 1984 in beta, and so on. [Read more]

  • Freedom to walk our digital streets in safety

    David Evans23rd Oct 2015

    Another day, another news story about a corporate data breach. Most organisations want to do the right thing, but when we hear these stories there is often a twist where if only they’d done this or not done that then the impact on their customers wouldn’t be so serious. [Read more]

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