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Padua, Italy, 1 September 2009

These proceedings contain the papers presented at the Third BCS-IRSG Symposium on Future Directions in Information Access (FDIA2009), held in Padua on the 1st of September 2009 during the 7th European Summer School on Information Retrieval (ESSIR 2009).

This years symposium received 20 paper submissions and 5 poster submissions of which 23 were accepted for publication and presentation. Each paper was reviewed by two senior Information Retrieval researchers who were asked to provide detailed reviews and comments to help steer and guide the research presented. In order to obtain high quality feedback each reviewer was asked to review at most two papers.

This year’s program included some very interesting and promising lines of research such as the Dialogue Driven IR Systems, Multimodal Interaction in IR, and even Quantum Inspired IR Theory. This was fronted by an inspiring keynote talk by Stefan Mizzaro on a Science 2.0 approach to scholarly publishing and peer review.

The organizers would like to thank: the members of the program committee for all their hard work and effort in providing excellent feedback and reviews, Stefano Mizzaro for delivering a thought provoking key note, all the volunteers of the European Summer School, namely: Marco Bressan, Emanuele Di Buccio, Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio, Marco Dussin, Ivano Masiero, Riccardo Miotto, Nicola Montecchio, Nicola Orio, Michele Scquizzato, Gianmaria Silvello and Francesco Silvestri, as well as, the Administrative Staff at the University of Padua, Maria Bernini, Antonio Camporese, Sabrina Michelotto and Enrico Soncin of the Finance OCE of DEI, and to all the technical staff of DEI for their help and assistance in ensuring the success of this event. Also, we would like to extend our thanks to the BCS-IRSG for sponsoring the event and the BCS eWiC service, and in particularly Jutta Mackwell, for the online publication services and finally we like to thank Guido Zuccon for compiling the proceedings.

General Chairs: Massimo Melucci and Ricardo BaezaYates

Program Chair: Leif Azzopardi

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