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  • Business Relationship Management and Project Success

    The Eye18th Oct 2016

    Robina Chatham, Research Associate, Leading Edge Forum explains why raw technical and project management skills aren’t the only facets needed to ensure project success. Rather, human qualities are also essential [Read more]

  • The case for police officers to wear video cameras

    The Eye4th Jul 2016

    Body worn video cameras present police with many advantages, opportunities and also a myriad of ethical dilemmas. Project Eye explores how video captured unofficially by the public, and officially by officers has the power to change policing. [Read more]

  • The joy of EU standards

    The Eye16th May 2016

    One sign of becoming a proper grown-up is finding more and more things worse than being bored. Project Eye was recently chatting about a recent PROMS-G talk on the new PRINCE2 agile guidelines. The other party to the conversation, who had not been at the talk, confessed that they found the topic of standards ‘boring’. [Read more]

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Views on Project Management in Context.