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  • Don’t Wannacry

    Echoes25th May 2017

    There has been plenty of discussion on the BCS Voices discussion area on the Wannacry ransomware event... it has focused on the NHS because of BCS’s straddling of both security and health and care issues - although the actual incident was, of course, much wider. [Read more]

  • Forget recruiting,,,

    Echoes16th Jan 2017

    A recent discussion on the BCS Voices site has been tackling whether re-skilling staff is better than recruiting – and, to confess, it was me that started the conversation and I like slightly contentious, perhaps over-confidently definitive, titles. Hence: ‘Reskilling is better than recruiting...’ [Read more]

  • No free lunches – 2017-style

    Echoes10th Jan 2017

    One of the first discussions to take off in the new BCS Voices area is around our smart-phone and app-enabled predilection to swap details about ourselves for ‘free’ services. [Read more]

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