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By now you might have read Lisa’s “T Rex or UX?” blog. If you haven’t head over there now to read a bit about how we’ve approached rebuilding the BCS member area. I’m going to expand on that somewhat and give just a little more detail on what you can expect when we launch the new MyBCS later in July.


Let’s start with a quick recap of why we’re doing this. The existing Member Secure Area has been around for a while. It’s built on technology that needs updating, both in hardware and software terms. It’s also in need of a refresh from a user interface point of view. The poor thing is feeling a little tired.


Lisa’s blog explained a little of how we approached the project, with our members experience at the heart of the process. We’ll delve a little more into how we progressed with the project in a future blog, with input from the whole team.


This is what you really want to know, right? What’s different? What can members expect from MyBCS? It’s a tricky one to answer because it’s difficult to explain in words how much of an improvement in the user experience there is, but I’m going to try.

Firstly, we’ve improved the navigation. You can find things in a number of ways, using the comprehensive top level navigation, using the improved search function, or using the in-page navigation.

Secondly, we’ve improved the user journeys. Now, if you want to access BCS Voices or Career Mentoring Network (CMN) it’s just one click from the home page. We’ve also looked at the kind of things members want to do and given the relevant tools a clearer action oriented description – for example you might want to “record your career progress and plan your next steps” so click straight through to your Personal Development Plan (PDP).

Third, we’ve increased the visibility of many of the services available to members. You’ll be able to see there’s a new IT Now right from the home page. You’ll notice when we launch something new as it’ll have a prominent place in your MyBCS. You’ll know your membership is due for renewal as we’ll tell you clearly (though that one’s coming in future). We know from the annual member survey that some of the services available aren’t widely known about, so we’re really trying to deliver that value to you as simply and obviously as we can.

Fourth, MyBCS has been designed with mobile in mind so uses a responsive template to fit most screen sizes. So yes, you can finally access your membership experience on your phone.

We’re using an iterative process for this. The initial release of MyBCS will be just that, the initial release. We have a backlog of additional developments that we’ll work our way through, and we have all the attached systems to update and improve over time, things like the renewal services, signing up to specialist groups and branches, and newsletters, as well as the career tools like PDP and CMN. MyBCS is just part of a wider ecosystem of membership systems. But what it isn’t is a beta release. We’re not releasing something half finished, this is a fully formed and tested membership experience with a roadmap of future developments including the renewal and upgrade processes, and the My Account sections to name a couple. We’re really excited for all members to see MyBCS and to let us know what you think.

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    James Hammond wrote on 17th Jul 2017

    Sounds like a lot of effort has gone on the User Navigation, but not the content which is of even greater importance...

    I'm booked for the Webinar granted to members of the Feedback Panel, but both this blog article and Lisa's have not given me much hope of an improvement in content and relevance.

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  • 2
    Brett Lester wrote on 21st Jul 2017

    There's no mention of eProfessional. I'd really like to see the membership and eProfessional portals merged. :)

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    Rajcoomarsing Jagutpal wrote on 31st Jan 2018

    That great development. Some areas need to be more userfriendly.

    I suggest that we also develop and app for BCS members. The app can feed daily news and post from technologies. We can then customise the feeds and news post according to our taste. Membership details, exam booking and many other facilities can be included via the app.

    Hope the suggestion is helpful.

    Warm Regards


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