Report: Make PCs Windows-less


PCs sold in the European Union (EU) should not come with an operating system already installed on them, according to a new report.

The publication created by the Globalisation Institute and submitted to the European commission (EC) suggests that it is not in the interests of consumers to keep selling systems that are bundled with Windows.

It suggests that firms offering operating systems for a lower price cannot compete effectively in the market as PC users have already bought machines with Windows pre-installed on them.

'The competition commissioner has signalled the desire to see more competition in this sector. Unbundling would foster a compet¬itive market, increase consumer choice and reduce prices,' the report concludes.

Last week, an EU court ruled that the EC was right to believe that Microsoft took advantage of its strong desktop PC market position to unfairly dominate the media player and server software sectors during the 1990s, upholding a €497 million (£346 million) fine in the process.