Trinity Troglodytes win BCS Programming Competition

3 April 2003

Computer enthusiasts from Trinity College, Cambridge have beaten nine other teams to win the BCS National Programming Competition held at Latimer Conference Centre, Buckinghamshire on 29th March. The Trinity Troglodytes answered six questions correctly and have won a variety of Microsoft software worth thousands of pounds.

The BCS Programming Competition has been running for 19 years and was established to appeal to anyone with professional or amateur enthusiasm for computer programming by challenging them to solve a series of complex programming problems on a 'beat the clock' basis.

The competition was a very exciting but challenging event as Pablo Gomez BCS Event Manager explains, "Whilst the teams had a fantastic day putting their skills to the test, the competition is very tough mentally as the questions are very complex. The competition is designed to exercise minds on a teamwork basis, using skill and determination: qualities that are valued highly in both the academic and commercial world of systems and applications programming."

BCS President John Ivinson presented Peter Clay, Richard Smith, Nick Krempel, John Fremlin and Roman Starkov from the Trinity Troglodytes with a variety of software and hardware prizes and a commemorative BCS Programming Competition shield. 2nd prize was awarded to XUSYD from Glasgow and 3rd prize went to Children of the Monkey Basket from the University of East Anglia.

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