Computer Society of Pakistan forges alliance with BCS

20 May 2003

The Computer Society of Pakistan (CSP) has formed a partnership with BCS to share information and knowledge to assist ICT professionals in developing their careers through best practice and to enable Pakistan's IT industry to realise its potential.

Under this agreement, the two organizations are committed to supporting the development of international qualifications and best practice. Membership will be offered to both countries members on a reciprocal basis. A key objective is to support the development and role of MBCS (Member of BCS) and Chartered Information Systems Practitioner (CISP) which leads to the status of Chartered Engineer, as given to those who satisfy the criteria laid down by BCS.

Other qualifications to be offered through the alliance include those covering IT service management, IT support, software testing and information security.

Sesh Sukhdeo, International Development Director at BCS commented: 'Our alliance with the CSP is very strategic from the perspective that it supports some of the aspects of our Royal Charter; of supporting others, mobility, and professionalism'.

'Interest in ICT skills and professionalism is extremely high in Pakistan where educational fairs, seminars and conferences focusing on the subject have been of tremendous appeal, attracting hundreds of delegates. With a growing number of members in Pakistan and the desire of the CSP to review its current role within Pakistan, we felt it was important to evaluate the needs of members and provide the support from the onset, hence the formation of our alliance,' he continued.

As a result of this evaluation, a regional officer has been appointed to represent BCS in Pakistan whose responsibilities include maintaining effective communication between all organizations and agencies involved. Additional duties include ensuring that BCS standards are maintained in line with the practices and code of conduct particularly relating to BCS examinations and membership.

'Since IT has gained significant importance in the local scene over the last five years, the CSP was looking into the possibilities of joining hands with an appropriate, similar, international organization. We had evaluated various organizations and concluded that BCS' overall objectives are very close to ours and together we could obtain maximum synergies to promote the cause of IT professionals in Pakistan and overseas. The CSP would like to bring its objectives, mission and goals in line with those of the BCS to achieve better synergies and international recognition for its professional members,' said Mr. Afzal, Joint Secretary of the Computer Society of Pakistan.

BCS is authorizing the Lahore based British Education Bureau (BEB) to act on its behalf in the region, giving it the status of welfare affiliate to BCS. Establishing a local presence and services in the country is critical if BCS is to deliver best value to its members in Pakistan.

As part of its activities the BEB will undertake seminars and workshops on themes which add value to professionalism within ICT which will include career guidance and interpersonal skills development. It also plans to stage an annual event to celebrate the success of highest achieving students who are obtained top examination marks and graduated.

Further plans include the introduction of a Young Professional Group in Pakistan for which specific events will be organized focusing on career and skills development.

For further information please contact the BCS Press Office.