IT jobs slump sends recruitment down the list of issues, according to BCS member survey

26 February 2003

Security remains the top issue for IT professionals while concerns about finding the right IT staff are falling as the jobs market downturn continues, according to the latest annual survey of BCS members.

The survey, which drew almost 2,500 responses, asked members for the key issues and threats facing the information systems industry which they feel it is important to be informed about.

System security is mentioned by 56% of respondents, marginally more than in the previous year's survey. New technologies are the second biggest issue - but concerns are falling, from 50% to 45%. Internet technologies are also declining as an issue: from 45% to 38%. Other big issues include project management and data protection, both mentioned by 36%.

Optimising IT benefits for business remains a significant issue, reported by 41% - although only 25% feel that insufficient representation of IS at board level is a big concern.

The IT jobs downturn means concerns about IT staffing are falling: the inability to attract high calibre IS staff is indicated by only 10%. Concern about personal skill development is an issue for 33%.

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