Blogs 'incredibly important' for brands


Blogs are 'incredibly important' for brand development, the Social Media Portal (SMP) has advised.

Rachel Hawkes, cofounder and editor of the SMP, feels that blogs provide an opportunity for a two-way interaction to take place between business and consumer.

This allows customers to provide 'incredibly valuable' feedback on how the brand is doing in the real world, which can help guide improvements and sales strategies.

She feels that firms should start using blogs if they have not already done so.

'Blogs will continue to play an incredibly important role for brands and they should be looking not only to be managing their own blog, but rather becoming part of the blogging community and contributing,' she says.

Google's blog search site has recently had its homepage updated, with a similar interface to the company's news search engine.

This includes grouping blogs according to categories, with smaller clusters within each.

It can also show how individual blogs are performing in the 'blogosphere'.