SMEs get email marketing advice


Small-to-medium enterprises conducting email marketing campaigns should avoid bombarding their targets with endless messages, according to new advice.

email Insider's Jamie Schissler has warned that the practice could be counter-productive, leading recipients to unsubscribe from mailing lists.

Mr Schissler suggested that any benefits which could be gained from dramatically increasing email frequency would be outweighed by the damage that could be done to prospects.

He warned: 'Beware. More email often results in irritating consumers, which in turn results in increased unsubscribes.'

'The solution is not about sending more email, but rather being more strategic in your customer communications,' he concluded.

The tip comes as Richard Gibson of the Direct Marketing Association's Email Marketing Council has highlighted the importance of relevant business lists to email marketing.

Mr Gibson stressed that the 'source of data' and the way in which it is used to target recipients is crucial to the success of campaigns.