Google Earth helps thieves


Thieves in Hull are thought to be using Google Earth to help them steal sought after fish from people's gardens.

Up to 12 cases of fish going missing have been reported during a three-week period, with many of those missing Koi carp, worth several hundred pounds each.

Police believe the online technology is being used as it would otherwise be impossible to locate gardens with fish and ponds in.

Sam Gregory, Humberside police community support officer, said: 'Google shows what is in your garden and you can see people's ponds. One of the properties targeted has an eight foot fence and is set back from the road.'

'The pond is in the corner and can't be seen. Unless you were standing right next to the wall, you wouldn't be able to hear the running water,' he added.

Previously, Google Earth had led to the arrest of two muggers in Holland after their victim saw them on Google's Street View.