The wisdom of the crowds

The Management Forum Strategic Panel is carrying out an experiment to try and identify the management issues in ICT using the Delphi method and tapping into the 'wisdom of crowds'.

The Delphi method is an iterative process that starts with a blank slate and goes through several rounds. The number of rounds depends on two factors: how long the list from the initial response is and how quickly the views of the respondents converge:

  1. It starts with a blank slate and asks for inputs. Obviously, if the number of respondents is large and have very different views, the initial list of hot topics could be very long, even after amalgamation of similar topics.
  2. Several rounds follow where respondents are asked to rank the top n in order to 'cull' the less 'popular items until we have a short list of between 10 and 15 items.
  3. This short list is sent out once again, asking the respondents to do a final ranking.
  4. This short list of the top 10 is sent out once again, asking the respondents to do a sanity check and a final ranking.
  5. After that a final list of the top items is deemed to be the result of the collective view of the respondents.

This is Round 3

We would be grateful if you could respond via by 28 August.

In your considered professional opinion, what are the top three top management issues regarding ICT facing business management (including the board member responsible for IT) that could have significant implications for the IT profession - and that are unlikely to go away within 12-18 months where BCS should take a position and, hopefully, make a difference?

The spreadsheet (please cut and paste this into your browser window) shows the worksheets:

  1. Topic details (R1): the composite of 60 different topics compiled from 516 separate entries, input by 178 respondents - for information.
  2. Topics list (R2): the results of Round 2 with 180 respondents - for information.
  3. Your ranking (R3): the 60 top topics are split into the top 15 (from Round 2) sorted alphabetically for you to rank in this round, and the rest are sorted by Round 2 ranking.
  4. Respondents: which is a list of individual profiles

ACTION: Please follow the instructions in Row 64 of the Your ranking (R3) worksheet. When we have received the entries from Round 3 we will compile the ranked list and email you that final list in September. Then we will be able to compare the 'wisdom of crowds' with the experts' view of the top issues!