Business services next 'logical step' for Twitter


Business services and personalised products are the next 'logical step' for micro-blogging website Twitter, a social networking expert has claimed.

According to Social Media Portal (SMP), a Web 2.0 company such as Twitter impacts upon audiences and how future technologies develop.

These organisations and their work can hold 'great importance' for individuals looking to future proof investments, the company explained.

Tim Gibbon, co-founder of the SMP, said: 'For many Web 2.0 companies the value lies with the number of users, it's brand and profile, the market share it may hold and it's potential in turning a profit; not necessarily it even breaking even before investment.'

Many business owners are seeing the benefits of Twitter as another channel of communication with potential customers, he added.

Figures from siteanalytics showed that the number of Twitter users recorded during August 2008 reached 2.6 million.

This figure had grown to 23.6 million by August 2009 and represented growth of approximately 900 per cent.