BCS looks to the future with a new working group following EGM

18 August 2010

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, is to establish a working group to examine the issues raised in the lead up to the Extraordinary General Meeting held by the Institute on 1 July.

Although the professional membership supported the Trustee Board and Chief Executive and the direction the Institute is taking at the EGM BCS recognises that a sizeable minority of its active members have concerns about aspects of the current strategy and communication of progress and wishes to address those.

Bob Assirati, Deputy President explains: "Following the EGM and vote, our priority is to re-build bridges across the organisation and tackle the deep rooted concerns of some members. This group, which will be made up of a number of Trustees and Council members, will look at the issues and try to find ways of addressing them, working with the appropriate boards and committees to ensure that there is effective communications across the Institute."

The group will be chaired by Adrian Williamson, a new member of the Trustee Board, and other members will be: Bob Assirati, Bob Harvey, Adrian Walmsley, Chris Andrews, Sheila Bullas, Iain Thompson.

The group will hold its first meeting on Wednesday 18 August.

Len Keighley, BCS member and originator of the call for the EGM adds: "This is a welcome move by BCS towards addressing the issues raised by the call for the EGM and by other members during and since. As active volunteers we put in a lot of time and effort to the organisation; we’re passionate about being members and about the membership and we want to see BCS move forward in a way that supports all aspects of the organisation."

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