Hackers using more 'sophisticated' methods


Businesses using the Internet across the UK could be among those interested in the recent comments of one security and antivirus specialist.

Con Mallon, security expert at Norton, said that hackers are increasingly using more sophisticated methods to achieve their goals.

'Attackers have moved on from simple scams to sophisticated espionage campaigns, which target some of the world's largest corporations and government entities, he explained.

'Cybercriminals have increasingly turned their attention towards enterprises due to the potential for monetary gain from compromised corporate information.'

The expert said attackers are leveraging valuable information from a host of social networking sites in order to carry out targeted attacks on individuals working within specific business organisations.

It comes as recently-published research by Tufin Technologies found that 23 per cent of college and university students have hacked into IT systems.

Furthermore, 28 per cent of these hackers said gaining entry to protected systems is 'easy'.