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14 January 2013

Working the Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business (Second Edition)Many people returning to work after the Christmas break will be reconsidering their current position - and with 25% of jobs now advertised solely online - it's not surprising that two out of three people will be using social networking sites to look for work.

Adam Thilthorpe, Director of Professionalism, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, explains: "In the current economic climate there are more job seekers chasing fewer vacancies, so it helps to stay one step ahead of other candidates. There are a number of measures you can take to achieve this.”

BCS author of Working the Crowd, Eileen Brown offers the following tips to help bring your online profile to the top of the search results:

  • Most recruiters turn to LinkedIn first to check out details of your CV, so make sure that your LinkedIn details match the CV that you submitted to the agency. 
  • Ensure your LinkedIn profile is 100% completed. If your LinkedIn profile is sitting at 75% and you’re sure that you have completed all of the fields, you need to get recommendations about your recent work from your connections. Recruiters want recent testimonials about your work, so make sure these referrals are up to date. 
  • Make your LinkedIn public profile name easy to remember. For example, http:// LinkedIn.com/in/eileenbrown is much easier to remember than http://uk.linkedin. com/pub/eileen-brown/2/5b7/978. It’s easy to change the URL in your profile settings. 
  • Link your online accounts to each other and link them to LinkedIn. If you link your Facebook account to LinkedIn, make sure that you have your appropriate privacy settings in place to avoid any personal data migrating onto your professional page. If you use Facebook for entirely personal reasons, then protect your Facebook profile and don’t link it to LinkedIn. 
  • Update LinkedIn to include your skills. These are keywords that categorise the job family and drill down into specific areas of the job. Clicking on the skills shows you others on LinkedIn who share the same skills as you. 
  • Search for job-specific keywords on Twitter, Google and Facebook. Recruiters may be advertising for roles on these sites using the same phrases. Use the RSS feed functionality of Twitter to save any tweets that appear to your RSS reader for action at a later stage. Set up Google Alerts for job-specific words. 
  • Post your CV online if you’re openly looking for a role. You could create a link to your curriculum vitae on your blog or you could create a visual CV on Slideshare if your speciality is in design. Syndicate it across your other network sites so that everyone is aware of it. 
  • Search for your target keywords on LinkedIn. Someone may be advertising your dream role. 

Adam concludes: “Having a good online presence is vital and publicising your profile is a great way to promote your abilities, but it’s important to make sure you give the right impression to potential employers or recruiters."

Top tips are from Working The Crowd (Second Edition) by BCS author Eileen Brown. 

About the book
Published June 2012, ISBN: 9781780171265, UK Price: £14.99 EU Price: €19.99 ROW (USD) Price: $24.99 Format - Paperback and electronic

About the author
Eileen Brown is CEO of Amastra: a company which makes your business more social. She has been in the IT industry since 1993, has worked in a variety of technical and leadership roles including Manager of the IT Professional Evangelist team at Microsoft.

The book is available from the BCS Bookshop, major book retailers and ebook suppliers - for details visit www.bcs.org/ebooks.

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