BCS Women welcomes focus on women's contribution to economy

5 June 2013

BCS Women, part of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, welcomes the recent report* by the Women’s Business Council which outlines the importance of women’s contribution to the economy and makes recommendations as to how we can maximise it.

Gillian Arnold, Chair of BCS Women, says: “We welcome this focus on women and the recommendations to support women returners as well as encourage young girls to be aspirational in their career choices. We have been campaigning to increase the number of women in the IT profession for many years. Women are both users and purchasers of technology and have a great deal to contribute to its design. Although the IT profession is relatively young, it is one of the most important professions today. A major contributor to UK plc, IT plays a central part in almost every business and, increasingly, in every aspect of society. ”  

BCS Women runs a variety of activities as part of its aims to set the gold standard for diversity in the profession. Events are aimed at inspiring young girls to take up careers in IT, supporting women in their professional development, and encouraging women returners; these include workshops, lectures, and networking opportunities.

Gillian adds: “We need young girls to want to join our profession and we need to support those women who have had a career break and are looking to return to work. The IT profession has a great deal to offer and women have a lot to bring to it. We have to change the status quo where estimates claim that women represent under a fifth of ICT managers, 21% of computer analysts, and 14% of software professionals.”

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* New report aims to boost women's role in economic growth

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