BYOD eBook published by BCS

10 June 2013

Bring Your Own Device: The Mobile Computing ChallengeWith the rapid increase in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - having a BYOD strategy in place is essential - according to the latest ebook published by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

Bring Your Own Device - The Mobile Computing Challenge looks at ways of embracing the benefits of BYOD as well as offering advice on how to minimise risks and protect data. The use of personal devices such as smartphones and tablets for business interaction - brings both opportunities and challenges for organisations, in particular for IT departments. It can result in operational cost savings for businesses and employee satisfaction, but it also means that previously secure units are at an increased risk of malware and hacking.

The book looks at the security risks of an increasingly mobile workforce and proposes a range of possible solutions. It examines the negative issues associated with BYOD including security, data leakage, risk of malware, lost property, control and maintenance. It also explores the positive impact BYOB can have such as flexibility, increased productivity, corporate cost savings, proactive interaction with IT and employee device preference.

Alex Wood, Marketing Manager at Point to Point, and contributor to the new ebook explains: “Without a doubt, ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) has become one of the industry hot topics. IT professionals are wary of it, end users are embracing it and vendors are trying to market it. It’s a subject that’s dividing opinion, with the security implications alone causing IT managers to wake up in a cold sweat. One thing becomes increasingly clear when you ponder the implications of BYOD. Having some type of strategy, even if it’s relatively vague, is essential.”

The first three chapters of the book are now available to download for free

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