Ministry of Education (San Fernando)

    Contact Details

    Examination Section
    Alexandra Street
    P.O.Box 824
    St. Clair Port of Spain
    Trinidad & Tobago

    Tel: 00 1 868 622 1365

    Modules Offered

    Foundation (Level 3): F1 E-Technology, F2 Practical Use of Software, F3 Organisational Practice.

    Diploma (Level 4): D1 Personal & Professional Practice in Information Systems, D2 Information Systems in Organisations, D3 Using ICT in an Organisational Environment, D4 Website Development, D5 Information Systems in Organisations, D6 Information Systems Development.

    Higher Diploma (Level 5): H1 Management Information Systems, H2 Information Systems Strategy, H3 Contemporary Issues in Systems Design, H4 Database Development, H5 Project Management for Information Systems, H6 Business IS Project (Practical).

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