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However, much we try to avoid the cliché, at the end of most workshops learners are asked for their feedback through the use of a feedback form - the 'Happy Sheet'.
'When joining an organisation many of us have been through the ‘Induction Drag’ in the first couple of days and then left to find out what really happens in the organisation.'
Help us to find out the answer to our questions and you could win 2 tickets to the IT Training Awards in February as well as being profiled in the BCS Training Practitioner Week next year.
Did you know that 5-9th October is International Customer Service Week? Well, neither did I until I got to a client site this morning to find that they have totally embraced it and are planning a wide range of customer service events that involve everyone across the business.
Our second grand-child was born this morning and she is beautiful (well, I would say that, wouldn’t I?). I wonder what the world will look like as she and her 1-year old cousin grow into it?
I have had a very frustrating week, dealing with further education colleges and funded training providers - sorry, but it has to be said!
Happy New Year and welcome to the first rant of 2010!
All this week, as part of BCS Training Practitioner Week, we have been discussing different ways in which training practitioners in IT can make a difference and we have been profiling different training practitioners in IT to show how broad a church we are. Well, today it’s the turn of the IT Trainer.
The final day of Training Practitioner week finds the best of the IT Training community waking up with a big smile on their faces having been successful in last night’s IT Training Awards, with the rest of us still committed to continuing to do our best and try again next year.
The Information and Technology Training SG kept its poll running through February and the results are now in.

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