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The Information and Technology Training SG kept its poll running through February and the results are now in.
I’m back on the rant again having spent considerable time yesterday and today putting right errors caused one large corporates (Financial Services – need I say more?) and one public sector organisation (DVLA – need I say more?).
Leading on from my last rant about system or user error, I now realise (having been on the receiving end of 2 online retailers’ systems in the past week) that it is not just the systems and their users that have problems but also the related processes carried out by humans.
Just seen this great article about the IT skills gap.
You may have read the news about the new Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Laws getting a note from his predecessor, Liam Byrne reading "I'm afraid there is no money.".
Making change work through engaging users is the title of the Information and Technology Training Specialist Group’s joint event with the Business Change Specialist Group last Wednesday evening, 2nd June.
You may be aware that this year marks the 50th anniversary of Harper Lee’s novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and both the book and film have had much coverage in the past few weeks.
I was reminded of Paul Turner's presentation to our Specialist Group entitled ‘Ensuring the end customer is not forgotten during business change' recently because I have had to book a couple of hotels by phone rather than by email. In his presentation he talks about 'changed ways of working’ and their impact on their customers, particularly relating IT systems to the customer experience.
I was contacted recently by an ex-colleague who wanted some advice on relevant qualifications for an IT Learning and Development professional. She said ‘I have found that the industry is now awash with "Qualifications" and I was hoping a chat with you would help me sort through this maze’ and I had to agree with her.
Every year, in preparation for our AGM, I ask BCS for the stats on my blog and once again this year I find that the more controversial or contentious the issue I am blogging about, the more it gets read (and commented on). I’m not the only blogger to find myself in that position.

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