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I’m back on the rant again having spent considerable time yesterday and today putting right errors caused one large corporates (Financial Services – need I say more?) and one public sector organisation (DVLA – need I say more?).
Leading on from my last rant about system or user error, I now realise (having been on the receiving end of 2 online retailers’ systems in the past week) that it is not just the systems and their users that have problems but also the related processes carried out by humans.
Just seen this great article about the IT skills gap.
You may have read the news about the new Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Laws getting a note from his predecessor, Liam Byrne reading "I'm afraid there is no money.".
It’s been a while. Many months, in fact, since I last wrote a blog for this site. You see, I was very involved in a project that demanded more than my full attention and also needed to run my business (not to mention maintain a family life), so something had to give and it was my extra-mural activities, sadly.
I was interested to read that, according to recent CW Jobs research, the lack of ‘soft’ skills is the latest IT career regression factor. My experience, however, is that many IT professionals believe that they don’t need ‘soft’ skills and that technical skills are the only ones needed for an IT role.
I had the honour of judging the IT Service and Support Professional of the Year category at the UK IT Industry Awards judging on Friday last week, and if there was an award for Excellence in Organisation the BCS team who run the event would win it every time.
I was recently facilitating a workshop around the concept of Muda - the 7 Wastes described by Taiichi Ohno et al as part of the Toyota Production System, when the session was quite rudely interrupted.
Last week I was giving our grass its first cut of the year and I realised that my mowing method was actually reflecting my personality and working style in a way that I had not noticed before.
In a series of joint posts Jooli Atkins FBCS CITP and Susanna Way MBCS look at the Kotter eight step process of successful change.

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