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It is often said that there are only two certainties in life, death and taxes. Actually I think there is a third.
I'm sure that all of us, at some point in our lives, have personally and professionally been in circumstances where our experience has not prepared us for the situation we find ourselves in. Welcome to the world of the conceptual emergency.
Kieran raises important issues on machine intelligence. I'd like to go further.
From an employment perspective, the IT Industry has been a success story for 3 or 4 decades now. Will that continue? How will the industry change in the next few years? In a world where IT is pervasive, what will it mean to be in IT? The BCS held a thought leadership dinner recently to discuss this important topic.
Standardisation is a central feature of the IT discipline. It has a complex interaction with innovation at both a technological level and in terms of market acceptance.
There is a principle in Law that hard cases make bad law. At the same time, Harold McMillan, when asked what the hardest thing to deal within Government was, said “events, my dear boy, events”.
One of the great claims for web technologies is that they enable greater transparency and scrutiny of the powerful, by open access to data. This transparency is in itself, it is often argued, an unalloyed public good.
In the industry we like to talk about the transformational potential of the technologies with which we work and the profound way in which they impact individuals the economy and society. When you look at our own practices do we always live up to this challenge ourselves?
The world is changing. Yesterday we had vinyl records, paperback books and we shopped on the high street. Today people enjoy ebooks, MP3s and they shop online. Despite its growth, digital may struggle to completely replace physical experiences.
Back in early 1996, the then PM John major announced IT for All. Now in 2009 in the UK we still have 17m people not benefitting directly from digital technologies. A recent experience of mine has caused me to reflect on how we proceed to eliminate this digital divide.

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