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Like many admirers of Apple, I hope that Steve Jobs can find strength and courage and some luck in his fight against cancer. I wish him well.
To Death and Taxes, we can now add data as a third factor that is always with us. In our digital era, supermarkets use loyalty cards to keep data on our purchases. Web sites track our interests to target adverts at us and we hand over data rights to social media companies.
So, NHS NPfIT / CfH is put out of its misery. I come to bury it not to praise it. There have many enquiries and reports on the NHS IT programme. Its scope, procurement and management have been put under the microscope over 10 years.
It is rare to hear anyone with a good word for “talking shops”. It is a term of abuse and indicates a waste of precious time. So my ears pricked up when a meeting was described by a series of politicians, industrialists and civil society speakers at a briefing as being good because it was such a talking shop.
If I could give a single book to a new graduate entering the world of work in industry, I would not hesitate to choose Peter Drucker’s masterpiece “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. The lucidity of the writing is matched only by the thinking, a rare combination.
A belated Happy Birthday. The genuine interest around Prof Hawking’s 70th birthday shown by both physicists and the general public illustrates that the UK has both an appetite for science, and an interest in the scientist as hero that is not often recognised in British Society.
The granting of patents to Google for the self-driving car, has now forced me to retire one of my longest lasting futures workshop games. Still, it has served me well for over a decade.
“To err is human, to foul things up requires a Computer”. I was reminded of this recently when finally getting to the bottom of a long-running mess.
The invention of moveable type printing by Johannes Gutenberg in the 1430s was one of the most important inventions in human history.
Over the last month I’ve received a whole set of projections in different industries about expected technology developments. Across every sector there is an incredible consensus that change is getting faster, and will continue to accelerate into the foreseeable future.

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