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The use of ICTs in education remains controversial. Last week the head of Ofsted announced that he wishes to ban mobile phones in schools.
When it comes to science and engineering, there is no doubt in my mind that ‘big data’ has both elements of challenge and opportunity.
As someone who has worked in the private sector all his working life, this has not been an edifying few weeks or months for the private sector.
Refreshed from my holiday and basking in the success of Team GB at London 2012 has caused me to reflect on the US perception of the UK.
One of the recurring features of progress in IT is that one wave of IT creation leads to claims that X is dead. I can remember claims that with the minicomputer that mainframes were gone and with portables that desktop machines were yesterday’s technology.
Compared to coverage of IP and the WWW, I often feel that the DNS gets treated badly within the technical sphere.
What is the biggest barrier to innovation in your organisation? Each year, I am involved in around 10-20 workshops on innovation in both the public and private sector. I ask that question every time.
It has been observed that 88.2 per cent of all statistics are invented on the spur of the moment. Putting a number on something is often preferred to qualitative assertions, with good reason.
Happy New Year. It’s the time of year we make resolutions, most of which get broken within days. To maintain a sense of direction I tend to have a set of personal, family and professional aspirations for the year. Most don’t materialise, but some achievements will happen.
If you get a new car, or hire one which you aren’t familiar with, most of us can drive it in a few minutes safely and within a few hours hopefully competently.

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