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As LGBT+ History Month kicks off, Karen Tuck, head of policy and campaigns, explains why we will all benefit if everybody gets involved in supporting diversity and inclusivity.
After data protection comes data control
Last Friday, I represented BCS at the Labour ‘Road to Brexit’ Conference, primarily to drum up support for the recently released BCS ‘Digital Brexit’ Report, which is now available to read.
With the Government’s Digital Economy Bill fast approaching its final stages in the House of Lords, the BCS stresses the need for oversight to accompany some familiar increases in data sharing powers.
With companies and charities alike being investigated for pushing the legal boundaries of personal data use, BCS asks how much societal consent must exist for effective regulation to be possible.
The new Data Protection Bill is currently working its way through Parliament, promising to write some hugely significant principles about personal data into legislation. However, a recent poll commissioned by BCS suggests some of the plans in the Bill may be worryingly out of step with public thinking.

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