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Acoustic music, nice food, freedom of choice, pockets - just some of the things futurists thought we could do without.
Twitter is stressing out a bit right now, so this feature is temporarily disabled.
Last week all three BCS podcasts made numbers in the iTunes charts, which I, perhaps rather tragically, found very exciting.
Controversial! As usual there are enormous tides of encomium surrounding the launch of an Apple product - this time the 3G iPhone.
Sorry, I couldn't resist after reading Charlie Brooker's piece here...
It always seems quaint when you read old science fiction and it describes one super computer as being in charge of the world, or that knowledge about running machines has gone over to a small cabal of experts who know everything, or even do things by rote as a sort of religious rite.
Divorce is killing the planet, so are inefficient processors, and server farms... feeling gloomy yet?
Music companies, always renowned for their support of the little man and logical business models, still haven't got to grips with the web. Amazing isn't it?
I've been sent a lot of iPod touch accessories to review and it got me to thinking about the difference between cool devices and ones with actual utility.

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