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What are the issues around personal data and the reality of cross-sector information sharing? On 9 June BCS hosted its latest IT Impact event on this very subject.
In 2015 the internet of things (IoT) was right at the top of Gartner’s Hype Cycle ‘peak of inflated expectations’. A sort of ‘all mouth and trousers’ position. But things move fast in IT.
Feeling flushed? Have a suspicious mole? Want to avoid a colonoscopy? I recently attended the Health Informatics Scotland conference, with my ‘making IT good for society’ hat on (available soon from all good milliners).
The worlds biggest G and T, the world's biggest freezer or the world's biggest 3d printer... I didn't know what to call this blog post after my visit to the Aalto University ice tank test facility.
Nokia are all about the connectivity. The handset side, that famously went the way of the dinosaur, was only ever a small part of their business. Their Oulu site calls itself the 'Home of radio', and is abuzz with the potential of 5G. and I recently saw a glimpse of the future...
You know the facts: ransomware, the NHS, attack vectors, bitcoin demands... and the more important consideration that real people were really affected by the egregious attack over the weekend.
As part of the year-long BCS 60th anniversary celebrations I had the privilege, on September 21st, of presenting the BCS’s new art award.
'I stumbled across of load of my old paperbacks from years gone by recently and came across a nice security story.'
'...and let the heart decide. Thomas Dolby - around 1981. When we look at green issues it often comes back to power.'
'We know Amazon is offering cheapie current albums as MP3 downloads, but I was more interested in ''legacy'' artists - how''s that for a nasty music/IT expression mash-up (and there's another!)?'

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