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'I stumbled across of load of my old paperbacks from years gone by recently and came across a nice security story.'
'...and let the heart decide. Thomas Dolby - around 1981. When we look at green issues it often comes back to power.'
'We know Amazon is offering cheapie current albums as MP3 downloads, but I was more interested in ''legacy'' artists - how''s that for a nasty music/IT expression mash-up (and there's another!)?'
There seem to be only two reactions to AI/robotics/nanotechnology: ''Everything''s gonna be great'' or ''we''re all going to die''.
What is the cloud? Is it utility computing, software as a service, a huge bank of physical datacentres, a marketing term used to drive business ends - or a juicy mixture of all this and more?
It's always interesting when someone comes up with a new way of using a technology.
I've been reading a bit about Marshall McLuhan's assertion that the medium is the message.
IT moves quicker than a greased pig on a WD-40 soaked glass mountain.
'The BBC ran a recent story on the top ten misunderstood tech terms.'
I'm always pleased when I get good comments on a post, and last week's foray into the murky world of jargon got some witty replies.

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