e-Learning Specialist Group

E-learning, online education concept

The aims and objectives of the e-Learning Specialist Group are:

Promoting e-Learning and e-Safety and the use of e-Learning; of relevance to academics, teachers and those interested in the use of e-learning for continuous professional development and by the wider public.

To provide a focus for the interests in e-Learning and the implications, from across the BCS and the wider profession to the general public. For example, topics where e-learning view could enhance current activities are the implications for IT Professionalism and computing

To achieve this the group will

  • Raise awareness and knowledge of the issues and opportunities related to e-learning futures, through facilitating blogs, web discussions, articles and events.
  • Attract new professionals in the e-learning field to membership of the BCS.
  • Build credibility as a body of expertise that can act as a source of information in the field of e-learning, for instance through the provision of road maps, policies and guidance.
  • Provide a forum across the BCS and wider on e-learning.
  • Support a knowledge community for e-learning.
  • Develop a programme of events, standalone and with other Specialist Groups.

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Events and conferences

  • Forthcoming events held by the e-Learning Specialist Group
  • The BCS Quality Specialist Group’s Annual International SQM and INSPIRE conferences will be held in 2019 at Southampton Solent University, Southampton, UK.